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Join The Lions Barber Club:

A Project By Sandrock Capital

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Join The Lions Barber NFT Club:

A Project By Sandrock Capital

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our mission

Welcome to The Lions Barber Club: a collection of lion-themed NFTs! With their trendy looks and unrivalled barbering skills, these cats are bringing some serious style to the Blockchain.

Our mission is to build a fun, rewarding, and meaningful community. We’re working closely with the Lions Barber Collective, a charity that offers mental health training to barbers around the world.

Alongside some incredible artwork, owning a Lions Barber NFT will give you exclusive access to our future projects. You will also have a chance to win super-rare tokens, and a ton of other cool stuff.

With each unique lion being carefully constructed from over 400 hand-drawn traits, you’re sure to find one perfect for you!

The lion pawThe lion pawThe lion paw


For millennia, the pride lived peacefully in the vast plains of Sub-Saharan Africa. Because of their unusually luscious manes and fur, their society was built on barbering - the better a lion’s skills, the more influence they held. They were led by the MetaLions, ten fearsome beasts able to tame even the wildest mane.

One day, a few members of the pride went on a world-spanning expedition. They came back with worrying reports: dark forces were lurking in every corner of the globe, inflicting mental suffering and ending lives.

The pride knew something had to be done. Following the lead of the MetaLions, they spread out and travelled to settlements around the world, setting up cutting-edge barber shops to serve as their base of operations. There they used their tools and voices to battle against the darkness, working together to help others and save lives.

Until their mission is completed, they’ll continue to hunt down stigma and suffering wherever they can - will you join the cause?

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Our first collection of 500 Junior Barbers lives on the Polygon (MATIC) Blockchain.

Owning a Junior Barber will give holders access to future benefits within the Sandrock eco-system. so keep your eyes peeled and check out Discord for updates on our future plans.

Junior Lions Barber NFT Club image
Polygon logo

Our Lions love to roam the wild plains of their homeland, and we love the natural world too.

That’s why we’re hosting our tokens on Polygon, an eco-friendly Level 2 alternative to Ethereum!

Polygon is a full-scale multi-chain system that combines the best of Ethereum and sovereign blockchains. It’s more secure, open, and powerful than Ethereum, while still fully benefiting from Ethereum’s network effects.

Best of all, not only is Polygon less environmentally intensive, but it also offers lower gas fees!

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"mane" drop whitelist draw


Want to get ahead of the pack?

By joining our exclusive whitelist, you’ll be able to buy one of the 990 lions currently up for presale at a reduced price.

We’ll be running competitions in our Discord for a chance to join the whitelist. Follow us on Twitter to learn more about how you can get access!

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Ten powerful beasts lead the pride… will you be lucky enough to mint one of our ultra-rare meta lions?

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Meta Lion
Meta Lion
Meta Lion
Meta Lion
Meta Lion
Meta Lion
Meta Lion
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Joining our Discord is the best way to stay up to date on Lions Barber news, announcements, and more!

Make sure to verify yourself once you’re in. Click the link below to join up!

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  • The Lions Barber NFT Club is working closely with The Lions Barber Collective, an international coalition of top barbers working together to support suicide prevention.

  • Due to stigma, many men feel unable to seek help when they’re struggling with their mental health. This is a contributing factor to men making up most suicide cases. The Collective hopes to reduce this stigma, raising awareness and offering a place for men to open up about their mental health.

  • Because of the conversational nature of their job, barbers are in a unique position to spot symptoms of mental illness in their clients. The Collective specialises in providing mental health training to barbers worldwide, teaching them how to provide their clients with a safe, non-judgemental space to share, open up, or offload.

If you would like to find out more about The Lions Barber Collective Charity, and if you choose to donate to this wonderful cause, please visit the website here:


THE Team

Meet the team of artists and tech wizards behind the creation of The Lions Barber NFT Club!

Max Ellis - Illustrator
Max Ellis - Illustrator
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Tom Chapman - Founder The Lions Barber Collective
Tom Chapman - Founder of
The Lions Barber Collective Charity
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James (Zuba), Founder - The Lions Barber Club NFT
James Blockchain -
CEO and Founder of The Lions Barber NFT Club
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The Lioness
The Lioness

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UKB Marketing -
Promotion and Web Design
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Road map


  • Launch of brand-new website
  • Traits created for Junior Barbers
  • Events and Twitter spaces
  • Collaborations formed


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The lion paw - orangeThe lion paw - orange
The lion paw - orangeThe lion paw - orangeThe lion paw - orangeThe lion paw - orange


  • Launch of 500 Polygon Junior Barber NFTs
  • Junior Barber Pre-Sale SOLD OUT
  • Junior Barber Public Sale - SOLD OUT
  • Time to Talk Event - Live on Mane FM - 3rd Feb 2022


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  • Integrate the Lions Barber Club
  • Merge Communities


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The lion paw - orangeThe lion paw - orange


  • Launch more exciting projects in line with this great cause
  • Donate to the charity

in progress

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mane fm

Mane FM is a radio station featuring awesome music, podcasts, and discussions relating to NFTs.

Our goal is to create a fun community atmosphere where everyone can have their voice heard. Click the link below to listen in!

Tune in

When you hold a Lions Barber NFT in your wallet, you’ll start earning Cub Coin tokens. Paid directly into your wallet, these tokens can be traded on the markets, or used within our Metaverse.


If you're interested in a partnership, please click the button below to get in touch.


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